National Biodiversity Data Centre

The National Biodiversity Data Centre is a national organisation for the collection, collation, management, analysis and dissemination of data on Ireland's biological diversity. Biodiversity data are a key requirement for understanding our natural surroundings, for tracking change in our environment and for gaining a greater insight on how we benefit from, and impact upon, the ecosystem goods and services provided by biological diversity; a national asset which contributes at least €2.8 billion to the Irish economy each year.

The Data Centre was established by the Heritage Council in 2007 and is funded by the Heritage Council and the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht.

Let’s Celebrate International Biodiversity Day

1000 Record Challenge - Starts Friday 22nd May

22nd May is International Biodiversity Day. To mark this day, the Data Centre is inviting everyone to spend some time over the weekend to record the wildlife your garden, locality or nearest wildlife site, and tell us what species you find.

We have set a target of receiving 1,000 records each day over the weekend. So, if you are out and about on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, please take a note of any species you see, and submit your records through the online form

Anyone who submits more than 50 species over the weekend, will be included in a draw to win a set of the four Data Centre Identification Swatches, and the recently published Identification Guide to Ireland’s Grasses.

Visit and throughout the weekend to see live counts of the records coming in!