Can you help us record spring flowering plants?


Image credit: Edward Delaney
Cuckoo flower (EW Delaney)
National Biodiversity Data Centre and the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland (BSBI) welcome your ‘spring flowering plant’ observations.

We are delighted to be running our Spring Flowering Plants Project again this year. This project is a joint pilot initiative between the BSBI and the Data Centre which was kicked off in 2017, and comprises an agreement between both parties to target 14 easily identifiable spring flowers for recording, along with the provision of a special on-line recording form specifically for the project.


Not only does it encourage people to record their observations of early-flowering species that can be otherwise lacking in data but like all recording, is valuable as it contributes to furthering plant conservation in Ireland. Many of the spring flowers which have been chosen for the project are very distinctive, making it a good way for those new to recording to get involved.

Spring flowering plant species the project concentrates on:

  1. Bluebell
  2. Common Dog-violet
  3. Cowslip
  4. Early Dog-violet
  5. Early-purple Orchid
  6. Lady’s smock (Cuckooflower)
  7. Lesser Celandine
  8. Lords-and Ladies
  9. Primrose
  10. Toothwort
  11. Wild Garlic
  12. Winter Heliotrope
  13. Wood Anemone
  14. Wood Sorrel

Last year we received a total of 2,380 records of these species. All records have been added to Biodiversity Maps and also made available to the BSBI for their next Atlas. If you see any of these 14 species please submit the record to:

For further information about the project, about the species included in the initiative, for project newsletters and a handy new simple ID guide, please visit:

For any other information please contact the National Biodiversity Data Centre. You can call us at 051306240, or email us at

To view species profiles for each of the target spring flowering plants, click on this image.