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Marine invasive alien species Watch Alert!

Welsh authorities have issued the below MARINE INVASIVE NON-NATIVE SPECIES ADVICE NOTE   Holyhead marina incident and potential spread of the marine invasive non-native species Didemnum vexillum On 2 March, storm Emma caused significant damage to Holyhead Marina in North Wales. … Continued

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Be Pet Wise

Be Pet Wise Invasive pets can damage the environment and our native species The pet and aquaria trades are sources of new species which have the potential to become invasive in Ireland. Although the vast majority of pet owners are … Continued

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Check-Clean-Dry As a water user, you may unknowingly be helping to spread invasive species from one water body to another in equipment, shoes and clothing. Help stop this happening by following three simple steps when you leave the water: CHECK boats, … Continued

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Be Plant Wise

Be Plant Wise Invasive aquatic plants can damage our ponds, waterways and the environment. Be plant wise and don’t dump aquatic plants in the wild. Ponds can create a wonderful feature to be enjoyed all year round and are often … Continued

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Invasive Species Week 2018

Invasive Species Week 23rd – 29th March 2018 is here! Each day over the week will be themed to highlight a particular area of invasive species prevention; Friday 23rd – Launch of Invasive Species Week – Launch and introduction to … Continued

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Coypu Species Alert

View and distribute Coypu Species Alert poster Species Alert for: Coypu (Myocastor coypus). Issued by: National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Reason for issue: Public call for people to report suspected sightings of the invasive Coypu. Rapid response initiated in October 2016 … Continued

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Crayfish plague alert – 2017

Species Alert for: Crayfish plague (Aphanomyces astaci). Issued by: National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS). View latest information on Crayfish Plague outbreaks – Updated March 2018 NPWS are recommending that the voluntary ban of Emergency Containment Measures for the affected catchments is  lifted … Continued

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