3rd Annual Recorders’ Event

Ireland’s Freshwater Habitats – priorities for biodiversity data

Summary of outcomes:

Priorities for biodiversity data for Ireland’s freshwater habitats


The state of freshwater diversity in Ireland

Dr Jim Bowman – Environmental Protection Agency

The value of biological data for decision making

Dr Ken Irvine – Freshwater Ecology Group, Trinity College Dublin

Freshwater data and its interpretation – the role of the National Biodiversity Data Centre

Dr Eugenie Regan – National Biodiversity Data Centre

Monitoring freshwater habitats (Q-values)

John Lucey – Environmental Protection Agency

Fluctuations in the ecology of L. Sheelin over 40 years.ppt

Dr Martin O’Grady – Central Fisheries Board

Value of species datasets as baselines (non-marine Mollusca)

Dr Roy Anderson – Northern Ireland

State of knowledge on Ireland’s macro-invertebrates

Dr Mary Kelly Quinn – University College Dublin

Data needs for Habitats Directive species – two case studies

Dr Ferdia Marnell & Dr Áine O’Connor – National Parks and Wildlife Service

Irish Wetland Bird Survey (IWeBS) – Galvanising volunteers for national recording

Helen Boland – BirdWatch Ireland