Help survey for invasive New Zealand Land Hoppers (Arcitalitrus dorrieni)

Volunteers are needed to help uncover the contemporary distribution of New Zealand Land Hoppers (Arcitalitrus dorrieni) in Ireland. These small terrestrial amphipods are approximately 10mm or less in size and are considered a medium impact invasive species. Daniel Danny Kiiung who is studying at the Institute of Technology Tralee is conducting a research project and is aiming to map the distribution of Arcitalitrus dorrieni. With the help of volunteers willing to survey for these invertebrates, Daniel Danny aims to carry out a baseline study on:

  • The general distribution of Arcitalitrus dorrieni in Ireland, with more emphasis on county Kerry.
  • The relationship between types of habitats and the presence of the land hoppers.
  • What types of human impacts affect the presence of the land hoppers.

Despite being known to occur at several sites across Ireland, the National Biodiversity Database has one sole validated record of Arcitalitrus dorrieni. Thus, any records contributed will be really valuable in documenting the occurence of what is one of Ireland’s non-native species.

How do you get involved?

A website dedicated to this work has been created so head over and take a look ( – from it you can download a survey form if you wish to take part in recording efforts. Within the website additional information is provided regarding the species and in what habitats you would expect to possibily find these creatures. Contact details for Daniel Danny can also be found on the website.

Hope to see people get involved folks!