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Japanese knotweed Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions on Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) are now available to download. While these questions and answers relate to Japanese knotweed, they are also applicable to the regulated invasive species Giant knotweed (Fallopia sachalinensis), Bohemian … Continued

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Have you seen this New Zealand ‘hitch-hiker’

Let us know if you’ve seen this ‘hitch-hiker’. New Zealand flatworm (Arthurdendyus triangulatus) is an invasive flatworm in Ireland that eats our native earthworm species. It is most likely introduced and spread around Ireland as a hitch-hiker on potted plants … Continued

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Distinguished Recorder Award 2016

The Data Centre is seeking nominations for the Distinguished Recorder Award 2016. The annual award was established by the Data Centre in 2008 and is made to an individual or organisation that has made an outstanding contribution to the recording … Continued

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Island BioBlitz

Final preparations are underway for the Island BioBlitz event next week, running from Monday 6th to Sunday 12th June. The event will see more than 150 surveyors spread across the five participating off-shore island to undertake perhaps the single largest biodiversity … Continued

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International Day for Biological Diversity

5,000 biodiversity records challenge

To celebrate International Day for Biological Diversity on 22nd May, the National Biodiversity Data Centre will launch a ‘5,000 biodiversity records challenge’ running from 20th to 22nd May. The Data Centre is inviting everyone to get outdoors and record Ireland’s … Continued

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