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Chironomids of Ireland database

The latest national database to be loaded to Biodiversity Maps is the Chironomidae (Diptera) of Ireland, provided by Dr. Declan Murray, Ireland’s leading author for this group. The database contains 21,064 records of 500 species, all of which have been … Continued

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Osmia aurulenta behaving strangely

Osmia aurulenta is a solitary bee that is found along our east and south coasts. It nests in empty snail shells, and we have always assumed it is restricted to sand dunes in Ireland. It is recorded inland in Britain, but generally … Continued

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New Grasshopper & Crickets of Ireland dataset

A new dataset of all sightings of Grasshoppers, Crickets and related insects  (Orthoptera and Allied Insects of Ireland) has been added to Biodiversity Maps. The database brings together all the sightings submitted to the Data Centre and those stored in … Continued

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Grass identification guide now available

An Identification guide to Ireland’s grasses was published by the Data Centre in late 2014. It is a field-friendly 164 page guide that simplifies grass identification. It is rich in photographs and diagrams and contains both a floristic guide and a vegetative … Continued

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