National Biodiversity Week Recording Challenge

Butterfly Bash 2018

Recording Challenge

Biodiversity Week runs from tomorrow Saturday 19th May to Sunday 27th of May and these few days coincide with the start of the first peak in butterfly numbers. To support Biodiversity Week, celebrate Irish biodiversity and contribute to the Butterfly Atlas 2021, we’re running a Butterfly Bash challenge to encourage everyone to get out and record butterflies over the course of the week.

Everyone can get involved and no matter how common or rare the species please submit your records as normal through our recording form:

You can keep an eye on the real-time progress of the Butterfly Bash here:

Based on our records from the Irish Butterfly Monitoring Scheme, weeks 8 and 9 (May 20th to June 2nd) are typically the first ‘peak’ weeks in butterfly numbers. The solid line is the mean % abundance per week, the shaded area is the 95% confidence interval.

If you live in or visit a part of the country where there are gaps in coverage, we would particularly welcome your butterfly sightings. As the week progresses, you’ll be see what species are being recorded, where they’re being recorded and which counties have the most active butterfly recorders!

Finally, you may want to pick up a copy of the Irish Examiner tomorrow as they and Gas Networks Ireland have kindly sponsored a lovely A2 butterfly poster (sneak preview below). All going well it’ll be on the wall across a multitude of homes and classrooms by next week!

Again, a sincere thank you again for helping us record the butterflies of Ireland.

Check out tomorrow’s Irish Examiner for the full A2 spread!