The National Biodiversity Data Centre, National Parks and Wildlife Service and other partner organisations, have developed and proposed a series of survey methodologies and guidance documents to assist standardisation of biodiversity survey and biological recording in Ireland. These contribute to delivery of Actions 3.5 & 3.6 of Actions for Biodiversity 2011-2016 – Ireland’s National Biodiversity Plan.

The following are available for download:

Habitats & vegetation survey

A Guide to Habitats in Ireland. The Heritage Council.

Best Practice Guidance for Habitat Survey and Mapping. The Heritage Council.

Raised Bog Monitoring and Assessment Survey 2013. Irish Wildlife Manuals, No. 81. Published by NPWS.

The National Vegetation Database: Guidelines and Standards for the Collection and Storage of Vegetation Data in Ireland. Version 1.0.  Irish Wildlife Manuals, No. 49. Published by NPWS.

Heritage Appraisal Methodology – Best practice guidance on hedgerow surveying, data collection and appraisal. Published by Woodlands of Ireland.

Guidelines for a national survey and conservation assessment of upland vegetation and habitats in Ireland. Version 2.0. Irish Wildlife Manuals, No. 79. Published by NPWS.

Guidelines for a national survey and conservation assessment of upland vegetation and habitats in Ireland. Version 1.0. Published by NPWS.

The development of methodologies to assess the conservation status of limestone pavement and associated habitats in Ireland. Irish Wildlife Manuals, No. 43. Published by NPWS.

Species survey and monitoring

Monitoring recommendations for Marsh Saxifrage (Saxifraga hirculus L.) in the Republic of Ireland. Irish Wildlife Manuals, No. 88. Published by NPWS.

Monitoring methods for the Killarney Fern (Trichomanes speciosum Willd.) in Ireland. Irish Wildlife Manuals, No. 82. Published by NPWS.

Low tide waterbird surveys: survey methods and guidance notes. Irish Wildlife Manuals, No. 80. Published by NPWS.

A technical manual for monitoring white-clawed crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes in Irish lakes. Irish Wildlife Manuals, No 45. Published by NPWS.

Conservation assessment and monitoring methods for the Annex V Clubmoss group (Lycopodium spp.) in Ireland. Irish Wildlife Manuals, No. 86. Published by NPWS.

Margaritifera margaritifera. Stage 1 and Stage 2 survey guidelines. Irish Wildlife Manuals, No. 12. Published by NPWS.