2010 Identification Workshop Keys and Presentations

Introduction to mayfly and stonefly nymph identification – Dr Mary Kelly Quinn (29 May)

Introduction to the identification of the Plecoptera and Ephemeroptera of Irish Freshwaters

Introduction to centipede and millipede identification – Tony Barber (19 June)


Centipede key


Millipede key

Species recorded in Great Britain that might occur in Ireland

Waterford records – June 2010

Introduction to ladybirds – Dr Roy Anderson (3 July)

Key to ladybirds in Ireland

Ladybirds of Ireland

Recording of priority invasive species – Colette O’Flynn (17 July)

Invasive sp workshop_CNP-2010-Part1

Invasive sp workshop_CNP_2010_part2

Fallopia japonica handouts

Various handouts

Recorders Card