All-Ireland Pollinator Plan 2015-2020

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On the 17th September 2015,  Ireland joined a small number of countries in Europe who have developed a strategy to address pollinator decline and protect pollination services

Sixty-eight governmental and non-governmental organisations have agreed a shared Plan that identifies 81 actions to make Ireland pollinator friendly

All Ireland Pollinator Plan 2015-2020 (18MB)

All-Ireland Junior Pollinator Plan 2015-2020 (11MB)


Resources Currently Available

Local communities actions to help pollinators – April 2016 This document has been developed for local community groups that are interested in implementing the pollinator plan in their areas. It is particularly relevant for Tidy Towns groups!

This site is currently being developed. More resources will be added throughout the spring and summer of 2016 to  facilitate implementation of the Pollinator Plan. You can see what is planned and provisional delivery dates here: Resources that will be developed in 2016.



April 2016: The new Pollinator Award, sponsored by the Heritage & Biodiversity Officers of Local Authorities across Ireland, was officially launched. The award encourages Tidy Towns groups to carry out pollinator-friendly actions in their local communities. See the Special Awards section of the Tidy Towns website for more details.

March 2016: We are working hard behind the scenes to prepare the guidelines different sectors will need to help implement the Plan. The first of these are due out next month.

March 2016: Heritage and Biodiversity Officers have come together to sponsor a pollinator award in this years Tidy Towns competition. More details soon.

4th February 2016: A junior version of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan is launched to bring this important message to the next generation All-Ireland Junior Pollinator Plan 2015-2020 (11MB)

Jan 2016: The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan is currently recruiting for a project officer to assist with implementation. Applications have now closed. Our new officer is due to start on the 4th April.

December 2015Dec 2015_presentation on the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan_Úna Fitzpatrick (8MB) This presentation introduces the Pollinator Plan and how to begin taking actions. Please feel free to use/deliver this at local levels to promote the Plan. If you do deliver this talk please let us know so that we can track promotion email


  • To date, 68 organisations have agreed their support. This is not a closed list, and we hope that many more will also come on board. If your organisation would like to support the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan please get in touch: email


  • All Ireland Pollinator Plan 2015-2020 – Black & White Print Version (13.5MB)



Photographs and info-graphics that are available for use are provided below. Full resolution images are available by clicking the download link.

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Brief summary note on the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan

Summary note on Ireland’s bees


All Ireland Pollinator Media Pack (24.5MB)