How Businesses Can Support the Pollinator Plan


Ireland, North and south, depends on pollinators and the important service they provide. Unfortunately our pollinators are in decline, and the problem is serious. Now we are asking businesses across the island to support the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan.

To sign up as a Business Supporter, download ‘Business: actions to help pollinators’ (link below) and send us a signed copy of the ‘Framework for Businesses’ (page 2). Use the flow chart on pages 4-6 to decide what pollinator friendly actions are right for your company.

Businesses: actions to help pollinators

Technical Appendix

Aimed for: All employees of any business on the island of Ireland

Thanks to Business in the Community Ireland and Bord Bia’s Origin Green programme for collaborating with us on these Business Guidelines.


Business benefits of supporting the Pollinator Plan:
  • A demonstration of your sustainability credentials to consumers and customers
  • Helping ensure the reliability of supply chains dependent on animal pollinated crops
  • Flexible options for fulfilling Environmental Management Systems (e.g. ISO 14001:2015)
  • A framework to support Corporate Social Responsibility objectivesbord-bia-and-og-logo
  • Coordination with Bord Bía’s Origin Green programme. Pollinator-friendly actions count towards the ‘Biodiversity Element’ of Key Target Area, ‘Manufacturing Processes’

Find out what businesses are already supporting the Pollinator Plan on our Partners Page

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Key Pollinator Plan Resources for Business Supporters

To sign up as a Pollinator Plan supporter, we ask that within one year businesses carry out one pollinator friendly action suggested in ‘Businesses: actions to help pollinators’ (see link above). Businesses can choose from 18 different actions. The 15 outdoor space actions can be taken by companies with landholdings (i.e. offices, factories, or other urban/rural outdoor spaces). These actions provide pollinators with the food and shelter they need in our landscape. For companies with no significant outdoor space, or for those that want to support the Pollinator Plan beyond their own property, there are three indoor space actions. Use the flow chart on pages 4-6 of ‘Businesses: actions to help pollinators’ to decide which actions are best for your business.

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  • Technical Appendix: No matter which actions your business decides to carry out, download our Technical Appendix for step-by-step instructions and top tips. It includes photos, planting suggestions and rough costings to help you carry out your pollinator friendly actions.
  • Pollinator Friendly Planting Code: Is your business’s outdoor space managed by a contractor? We’ve created a pollinator friendly planting code that you can provide to professional contractors or landscapers, to help them ensure your property provides the food and shelter pollinators need. It contains extensive planting lists for bedding (annuals & perennials), shrubs and trees, as well as a copy of our Pollinator Friendly Pesticide Code.

IMPORTANT: When taking action for pollinators, only plant native wildflower seed collected and grown in Ireland. Do NOT plant invasive species.






Useful links for Action 17: Raise awareness in the local community

There are 9 options for this action, all of which encourage businesses to collaborate with community groups, schools, or other partners. Use the links below to help connect with relevant groups:

COMING SOON: Actions for Pollinators is a publicly available online mapping system that will be launched by the Pollinator Plan in 2017. All sectors will be encouraged to log their pollinator friendly actions on the site so we can see the buildup of pollinator resources in the landscape. When this site is launched it may also be useful for connecting businesses with local community groups.


Other Pollinator Plan Resources

English signage template (PDF)                 English signage template (JPEG)

Bilingual signage template (PDF)               Bilingual signage template (JPEG)

NOTES FOR USING SIGNAGE TEMPLATES: If using these signage templates in the Republic of Ireland, the bilingual version has been deemed compliant by An Coimisinéir Teanga with the Regulations made under the Official Languages Act. If adding text or logos there is no requirement to translate the name of a private company or organization and logos are also exempted (however translation of straplines is usually required). Care should be used when displaying a Public Body’s name on signage to ensure that it is in compliance with the language Regulations.

  • Pollinator Posters: We have posters of the bumblebee and solitary bee life cycles. You can download the links below to print A3 posters of these educational infographics.

Bumblebee Life Cycle Poster

Solitary Bee Life Cycle Poster