The state of Ireland’s Bees

  • Bee-graph-300x242More than half of Ireland’s bee species have undergone substantial declines in their numbers since 1980.  The distribution of 42 species has declined by more than 50%.
  • A Red List is an internationally recognised method for assessing the conservation status of a species.  In 2006 an Irish Bee Red List was published.  It tells us that 30% of the Irish species are threatened with extinction. Six species are critically endangered, 10 are endangered and 14 species are vulnerable.
  • Andrena-fulva-now-extinct-150x150Two species have become extinct in Ireland within the last 80 years (Andrena rosae & Nomada sheppardana). One species thought to be extinct (Andrena fulva left) was rediscovered in 2012.



  • Ireland has 20 bumblebee species, of which 4 are endangered and 2 are vulnerable.
  • It is very difficult to assess the conservation status of Ireland’s native honeybee as beekeepers have imported bees from outside Ireland and these have mixed with the native species.


Download a 2006 booklet on The-state-of-Irelands-Bees (466KB)