The main aims of the Irish Pollinator Initiative are to:

  1. Collate data on Irish pollinators
  2. Identify and track those species of pollinator that are most at risk of extinction
  3. Monitor wild pollinators across the landscape to detect the early warning signs of a threat to Irish pollination service
  4. Support the agricultural/horticultural industries by identifying pollinator hotspots and areas lacking in pollinators
  5. Identify which species are most effective in pollinating each of the crops on which the Irish food industry is reliant
  6. Provide an evidence base to advise and support pollinator conservation initiatives


Irish Pollinator Initiative newsletters

Irish-Pollinator-Initiative-newsletter-2011 (586KB)

Irish-Pollinator-Initiative-newsletter-2012 (950KB)

Irish-Pollinator-Initiative-newsletter-2013 (879KB)