Rare Plant Monitoring Scheme

Ajuga pyramidalis_C. O'RourkeIn 2017, we decided to launch a small scheme on rare plant monitoring. Where experienced plant recorders had submitted recent casual records of rare plants to the Centre, they were asked if they would be willing to visit their rare plant population once a year during its flowering period and to count the total number of individuals present.

Data on the rare plant location, the count and additional information about the site is submitted online through a dedicated web portal set up by the Data Centre. The project has been discussed and agreed with the NPWS. It is framed around the 2016 Vascular Plant Red List and is mainly focused on monitoring vulnerable, near threatened and rare least concern species.

2017 newsletter: Rare Plant Monitoring_Newsletter 2017

If you are aware of a rare plant population near you that you would like to help monitor into the future please get in touch to join the scheme. Email Úna

Please submit your monitoring data here: https://surveys.biodiversityireland.ie

Tutorial on how to use the online recording system: Tutorial on entering rare plant data

Example of the recording form on the online system: Rare plant monitoring – record card




2016 Pilot: Full Plant Monitoring Scheme

This scheme was run as a pilot in 2016. It will not run in 2017 as we have been unable to source funding.

The Irish Plant Monitoring Scheme was developed so that we can better understand our environment and track changes in Ireland’s Flora. The scheme set out to encourage, support and co-ordinate volunteers interested in botanical recording. In taking part, volunteers collected very valuable data to help further the conservation of Ireland’s flora. In return, the scheme provided an opportunity for volunteers to upskill and improve their identification skills, particularly those who are beginners to botany. Volunteers were provided with ID guides, a structured way to record and a learning support system.

Within the scheme, we asked volunteers to record all plant species found within small plots in different habitat types. In the pilot scheme in 2016 we monitored grasslands. Those who took part choose a grassland site near them and recorded there just once between June and August.






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The pilot Plant Monitoring Scheme was a collaboration between the Data Centre and NPWS who provided funding for a part-time project officer in 2016