Over the period 2014-2016 we want to try and fill some of the recording gaps and improve our information on Ireland’s flora. Please help by getting involved and submitting plant data. The document below outlines the areas, habitats, and species we want to focus on over the coming years.


Identification of gaps

Recording gaps have been identified on the basis of vascular plant data collected from 2000 onwards and held by the National Biodiversity Data Centre.

 How can you help?

1. Geographic gaps: visit some of the areas that are less well recorded since 2000. Submit records of any plants you record, regardless of how common.


2. Habitat gaps: for the period 2014-2016, three habitats that are lacking in post 2000 records will be targeted. If you are in any of these habitats please help by submitting records of any plants you record, regardless of how common.

  1. Aquatic habitats
  2. Bogs
  3. Cultivated, disturbed, & open ground (waste places, walls etc.)


3. Species gaps: for the period 2014-2016, the Data Centre will focus on recording aquatic species and grass species, both of which have been identified as lacking in post 2000 data. Please submit records of these species if you can.

We have also identified a list of another 120 very common species that are very under-recorded since 2000. The number of hectad (10km2) records for these species are down at least 50% in comparison to pre 2000 data (based on the published distribution in the New Atlas of the British and Irish Flora, BSBI). We ask that you keep an eye out for these species and submit records if you can. The list of species can be found in the document: Plant-recording-strategy-2014-2016_Data-Centre

Many of these 120 species can be identified by beginners. Resources to help identify these species will be available in the coming months.

 Submit records