The National Biodiversity Data Centre provides access to all validated biodiversity data through Biodiversity Maps, the on-line biodiversity data portal. The Data Centre also provides an on-line system for recorders to submit and manage their species observations. These records, when validated, are added to the national biodiversity database and can be accessed through Biodiversity Maps.

The Data Centre also supports a number of recording initiatives and monitoring schemes, details of which can be accessed here.

A series of tutorials are available to guide users through using different features of the website.

Tutorial No. 1: How to submit records to the National Biodiversity Data Centre

Tutorial No. 2: How to access and view your records.

Tutorial No. 3: Find details of individual species records.

Tutorial No. 4: Generate species lists for a designated site.


Biodiversity Data Capture App

A new smartphone app has been developed that allows quick and easy recording of biodiversity in the field. Biodiversity Data Capture app, developed by Compass Informatics, allows recorders to capture details of any species they encounter in the field, and send the records directly to the National Biodiversity Data Centre’s national database. The app generates a co-ordinate automatically from a GPS, so recorders only need to select the identified species and some other additional information. Records can be sent immediately, or stored until reliable internet connection is available.  Biodiversity Data Capture is free of charge and is available as iOS and android.

Biodiversity Capture App - Android     Biodiversity Capture App - iOS