The Butterfly Atlas 2021 is an exciting five-year survey of Ireland’s butterflies to produce detailed distribution maps of each species and to track populations through a series of standardised transect walks from across the country.  This year Biodiversity Week coincides with the 1st major peak butterfly populations across Ireland (the 2nd peak being in late July and early August) and by getting involved in Butterfly Bash 2018 you can really help us map the distribution of Irish butterflies.  For Butterfly Bash 2018 please record all the butterflies you see over Biodiversity Week (19-27th May) no matter how common or rare the species!  You can submit your records as normal through our recording form:

This page shows the real-time progress with the submission of butterfly records during the Butterfly Bash 2018. If you live in or visit a part of the country where there are gaps in coverage, we would particularly welcome your butterfly sightings. As the week progresses, you’ll be see what species are being recorded, where they’re being recorded and which counties have the most active butterfly recorders!

Butterfly Atlas 2021 is a collaborative project between the National Biodiversity Data Centre, Butterfly Conservation Ireland, Butterfly Conservation Northern Ireland and the Centre for Data and Environmental Recording (CEDaR).

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