To celebrate National Biodiversity Week 2019 we are running a Dragonfly Dash!


What is a Dragonfly Dash?

We want EVERYONE across Ireland to get out and explore your local river, lake or bog and record any Dragonflies or Damselflies that you see. Submit your records (including a photo!) via our app or the Dragonfly Spotter online recording form.

For those completing site surveys, survey results can be submitted via the Dragonfly Recorder and Dragonfly Monitor online recording forms.

For more information on Dragonfly Ireland please visit the project web page.


What’s my motivation?

There’s a prize!… anyone who submits records as part of this year’s Dragonfly Dash will be entered into a draw to win a copy of the beautifully illustrated book ‘The Natural History of Ireland’s Dragonflies’ by Brian Nelson and Robert Thompson. Plus, your results will contribute important data to our Dragonfly Ireland 2019 – 2024 citizen science project and atlas. The results will also help us to assess current survey coverage across Ireland and plan our future training and workshop requirements.


How do I take part?

Brush up on your Dragonfly and Damselfly identification – why not purchase one of our fantastic pocket-sized dragonfly and damselfly identification swatches? During our Dragonfly Dash from from 18th – 26th May please photograph any Dragonflies and Damselflies you see, and submit your records to us via the app or via our online form.

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