Spring flowering plants project: The National Biodiversity Data Centre has joined with the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland on a project to record our common spring flowers. All records recevied will contribute to the Atlas 2020 project, fieldwork for which is currently ongoing. Click on the images below for details of each species, and to submit a record.

Bluebell (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) L. Lysaght Dog-Violet-Common-2_Zoe Devlin Cowslip-2_Zoe Devlin Dog-violet-Early-5-13_Zoe Devlin

Orchid-Early-Purple-1_Zoe Devlin Cuckoo-Flower-4_Zoe Devlin Ficaria verna_Zoe Devlin Lords-and-Ladies_llysaght

Primula_vulgaris_llysaght Toothwort-6_Zoe Devlin Wild Garlic_Paul Green Heliotrope Winter_Zoe Devlin

Wood anemone (E. W. Delaney) Sorrel-Wood-1_Zoe Devlin