Results – New Year 2018 Recording Challenge

Thanks to everyone who participated in the New Year 2018 Recording Challenge. It generated a phenomenal level of recording for anytime of the year, but not least in the depths of winter. We are delighted that Ireland’s smallest county, Co. Louth won the Challenge as more records were submitted than any other, when the number was weighted by county area. County Wexford was a close second, followed by County Dublin. Overall, the most records were submitted by County Wexford (2,287), followed by County Kerry (1,157) and County Louth (938). Louth, with 347 species, was the county with the most different  species recorded, followed by Wexford with 328 and Offaly with 303.

A total of 12,119 records was submitted over the two weeks, which averages 866 records each day and 1,485 records were submitted on one day alone!. An average of 250 different species were recorded each day over the two weeks. 348 different recorders contributed records to the challenge. One recorders submitted 906 individuals records, while another submitted records of 231 different species.

Thanks to everyone for participating in this event. We hope that you enjoyed having an excuse for getting out at this time of year and kick starting your recording seasons. Remember, all of your records are available to you to map and query by inserted your email address on the ‘Record Browser’ tab in the Citizen Science Portal.