Roe deer distribution map has been up-dated

Verified sightings of Roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) seen in Co. Wicklow from June 2011 to December 2013 have been published on Biodiversity Maps.  This adds to the sighting of 3 Roe deer seen in Co. Armagh in 2014.

The risk of  Roe deer being an invasive species in Ireland was assessed in 2014 as Minor to Moderate (See:

You can view and download the up-dated Invasive Species Sighting Notice for Roe deer by clicking on the poster

Roe deer Sighting Notice poster
Roe deer Sighting Notice poster


Why the concern?  If Roe deer became widely established they may:

  • Cause damage to agricultural crops
  • Damage forestry through browsing and fraying of young trees
  • Contribute to road traffic accidents
  • First sighting in 2011 Co. Wicklow. There have been 3 further sightings in Co. Wicklow and one in Co. Armagh. Sightings range from just one individual to groups.


What does it look like?

  • Roe deer is a small to moderate sized deer, shoulder height of 60-70cm.
  • Has a reddish-brown coat in summer with a grey face, coat darkening to grey brown in winter.
  • Roe deer have a distinctive black nose with white chin and also commonly a black chinstrap
  • It has lighter undersides and a white rump patch which is flared when disturbed. When disturbed, often also gives dog-like barks.
  • It is more upright in stance than Muntjac deer and has pointed ears.


Where might I see it? 

In a variety of habitats but Roe deer prefer landscapes with a mosaic of woodland and farmland.

Please report suspected sightings with a photo if possible: