The overarching mission of the National Biodiversity Data Centre is:

…to provide national co-ordination and standards of biodiversity data and recording, assist the mainstreaming of biodiversity data and information into decision making, planning, conservation management and research, and encourage greater engagement by society in documenting and appreciating biodiversity“.

The work of the National Biodiversity Data Centre is guided by a Strategic Plan, covering the five-year period 2013-2017. The Plan identifies seven strategic objectives, which if achieved, should greatly improve the quality and quantity of data available to assist the conservation of biological data.

The seven strategic objectives are:

1. Mobilising data: Serve as a national hub for the storage, display and dissemination of biodiversity data through the online data portal Biodiversity Maps.

2. Tracking change: Identify the need for, and assist the production of, high quality, scientifically robust data to track changes in Ireland’s species and habitats.

3. Informing decision-making: Facilitate and promote the use of biodiversity data to inform public policy and decision-making through data analysis, interpretation and reporting.

4. Developing strategic partnerships: Support and collaborate with Data Centre’s partners to assist efficient delivery of their objectives.

5. International collaboration: Facilitate the provision of Irish biodiversity data to international initiatives.

6. Communicating: Communicate the value of Ireland’s biological diversity and raise awareness of how it is changing.

7. Strengthening the recording base: To support the recorder and citizen science network to increase the quantity and quality of biodiversity data generated in Ireland.


Under each strategic objective, the Data Centre has identified a series of actions to help achieve the objective, and these form the basis of the five-year work programme. These are outlined in the Strategic Plan 2013-2017.