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The business of helping pollinators

When we published the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan at the end of 2015, I didn’t envisage businesses playing a big role in helping. I couldn’t have been more wrong! It seems like every time I quote the number of business supporters, … Continued

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Measuring Farmland Biodiversity

Dr Neus Rodriguez-Gasol explains how farms can be surveyed for biodiversity and provides details on the surveying techniques used by the Protecting Farmland Pollinators EIP Survey Team.     Nowadays it is well known that the world is experiencing a … Continued

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Farmland Pollinator Scores

Working together with farmers to help pollinators

50 years ago, our farms were pollinator havens. Extensive hedgerows flowered in spring and hay meadows in summer; and well-fed pollinators buzzed around, free from chemicals. Times change and things move on, but sometimes hidden within progress there can be … Continued

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Ireland’s Citizen Science Portal

Dr. Liam Lysaght, Centre Director, provides an overview of his recording activities using Ireland’s Citizen Science Portal during the Coronavirus lockdown. and highlights some of the functionality of the system that he finds most useful.      The Coronavirus lockdown … Continued

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Does the lockdown bring any silver linings?

Does the national lockdown have any silver linings? Well, one was seeing the motorway verges covered in Dandelions and Cowslips on a recent trip to Newbridge. The delay in routine mowing along the motorways has allowed these wildflowers to flourish … Continued

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Butterfly Atlas 2021

Dr. Liam Lysaght provides an update on the Butterfly Atlas 2021 and reports on the large amount of information that is being generated through this citizen science project on the impacts of climate and landscape change on butterfly populations.   … Continued

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