Data Centre publishes its Annual Review 2014

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The National Biodiversity Data Centre has just published its Annual Review 2014. The review provides an overview of the different work programmes that were delivered by the National Biodiversity Data Centre during the year. The core work of the Data Centre on the collation, management and display of biodiversity data saw the national database grow to more than 3 million biodiversity records for the island of Ireland and its marine waters. This growth in the database is partly due to the very significant contribution made by volunteer recorders, often referred to as ‘citizen scientists’, by submitting their sightings either directly to the Data Centre, or to the many recording schemes operated by its partner organisations. Central to the work of the Data Centre is the provision of a range of shared-services for data management and display. The Annual Review highlights the scope of these shared-services and provides examples of successful delivery of shared-serviced with some of its key partners. The National Biodiversity Data Centre continues to expand the range of shared-services it provides to partners, so if any organisation could benefit from biodiversity data management services, please contact the National Biodiversity Data Centre directly.