Up-dated distribution maps – Oct 2014

Records were added and distribution maps up-dated for 33 species.

Of particular interest are records received for species that are currently only known from few areas including:

  • a first record for Japanese kelp (Undaria pinnatifida) in the Republic of Ireland, see Species Alert news item
  • a record for Asian clam (Corbicula fluminea) in Lanesborough, Co. Longford
  • two raccoon (Procyon lotor) sightings, one in Co. Tipperary and another in Dublin City
  • 39 records of Harlequin ladybird (Harmonia axyridis) all for Cork City except a first record for Dublin, seen in Phoenix Park.

View the distribution of each of these species from the interactive Biodiversity Maps http://maps.biodiversityireland.ie