Download your poster of the butterflies of Ireland!

Butterflies of Ireland: download your poster for free!

Small Copper, a butterfly that thrives in hot sunny conditions © Liam Lysaght

Coinciding with the launch of National Biodiversity Week and the first day of the National Biodiversity Data Centre’s 2018 ‘Butterfly Bash’ recording challenge, we were thrilled to partner up with the Irish Examiner and Gas Networks Ireland to give away some 56,000 copies of the new ‘Butterflies of Ireland’ poster. This stands as a fantastic example of how corporate bodies in Ireland can engage with and support the growth in awareness of our nation’s biodiversity, for which we depend on so much. We hope many of these posters are now up on the walls of schools and educational facilities up and down the country, not to mention our homes too!

If you didn’t happen to receive your free poster, you can download your copy here so that you too may be able to marvel at the beauty of Ireland’s butterflies. The poster is also available from our downloads section where anyone can grab copies of reports and publications produced by the National Biodiversity Data Centre.

Click on this poster and download it.

The 35 species of butterfly in Ireland are increasingly under threat from environmental change, primarily driven by both the increasing population size of Ireland and resultant demands on our landscape, and changes in Ireland’s climate. If you would like to find out more about the importance of butterflies, their ecosystem value, and about what monitoring and research is being done to assess changes within this animal group, please visit our Butterfly Monitoring Scheme webpage for more information: