The National Biodiversity Data Centre has developed online training modules in identifying Irish Dragonfly and Damselfly species, for this wishing to get involved in the Dragonfly Ireland 2019 – 2024 survey. The modules provide details of the identification features to look out for and a general introduction to the Dragonflies and Damselflies. The modules cover:

  • Introduction to Dragonflies & Damselflies
  • Damselflies: The Green and Red Damselflies (5 species)
  • Damselflies: The Blue Damselflies (6 species)
  • Test Your Knowledge Quiz – Name that Damsel!
  • Dragonflies: Hawkers and Emperors (8 species)
  • Dragonflies: Chasers, Skimmers & Darters (9 species)
  • Test Your Knowledge Quiz – Name that Dragon!

We will be adding additional content on how to conduct site surveys for the Dragonfly Recorder and Dragonfly Monitor surveys in the near future.

This course can be used to complement our ‘swatches’ which are small handheld identification guides that are useful to have to hand when you are surveying. Swatches can be purchased through our online shop

Please go to the Dragonfly Ireland Resources Page for our online modules in dragonfly and damselfly identification.