The National Biodiversity Data Centre is running a month-long festival during May to celebrate farmland biodiversity. We want to encourage a greater appreciation of biodiversity on farmland, provide opportunities for farmers to actively engage with biodiversity, and generate data and information to help protect habitats and species. Over two-thirds of Ireland is designated to agriculture, our biodiversity relies heavily on the agricultural management that farmers choose.

Ways to get involved

Over the month, we will have a variety of ways to get involved with the Festival of Farmland Biodiversity from sharing photos of ponds and hedgerows on your farm and learning more about the species on your farm through our monitoring initiatives. The National Biodiversity Data Centre and our partners have developed resources related to the above projects that will help farmers improve their biodiversity which are available in the tabs below.

The National Biodiversity Data Centre works to make biodiversity data and information more freely available to better understand and protect Ireland’s biodiversity. By taking part in our monitoring schemes, you will become apart of our recording network and help us achieve our aim and our understanding of farmland biodiversity.

The National Biodiversity Data Centre are delighted to be running this festival and to be promoting a positive relationship between farmland and biodiversity.

Not only does our biodiversity rely on the management practices in agriculture, agriculture relies on biodiversity. Biodiversity plays a key role in the functioning of ecosystems and their ability to provide ecosystem services which farmers rely on. Biodiversity provides ecosystem services some of which farmers rely on for sustainable agriculture including nutrient cycling, photosynthesis, soil formation, pollination, disease and pest regulation and water purification.

Ecosystem services are functions and processes that are provided by the environment that improve our well being. From the Living Planet Report, 2018.



Check out the photographs and videos on farmland biodiversity from all over the country here

Share photographs of biodiversity actions or habitats on your farm using  #FarmlandBiodiversity

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