Dandelions, such an important food source for pollinators early in the year

Lovely mixed species hedgerow from Kilkenny
Lovely mixed species hedgerow from Kilkenny, on a rare sunny day in May

A flowering hawthorn hedge provides food and shelter for biodiversity throught the year

Shane McAuliffe shared a photo of areas of bare ground providing nesting habitat for solitary bees on his farm in Co. Kerry

Many farmers have planted trees and shrubs around thier homes and farmyards that increase diversity for wildlife

Ponds on agricultural land offer ideal conditions for many types of aquatic life to flourish greatly helping biodiversity



Colm Flynn, Co. Kildare

James Whelehan, Co. Kildare

James Kelly, Co. Kildare

From @whelehandavid on Twitter ‘Beef farmers willing to pull on the green jersey & farm hand in hand alongside nature. Habitats & water courses fenced out allowing the dawn chorus of wildlife which is good for the soul. #FarmlandBiodiversity #grasstobeef’