Intervarsity BioBlitz 2015 – Final Result

Congratulations to NUI Galway for winning this year’s Intervarsity BioBlitz, recording an astonishing 628 species over the 24 hour period. NUI Galway obviously has something special within its campus on the shores of the Corrib. University of Limerick also achieved a remarkable tally of 427 species, reflecting also the rich diversity of that riverside campus. University College Cork recorded 382 species and Maynooth University recorded 258 species, also huge achievements.

In all, almost 1,700 species were recorded on the four campuses over the 24 hours period, which demonstrates the valuable biodiversity resource that is found with each campus. It is also a tribute to the huge recording effort made by the recorders in scouring the areas for species, and using their scientific skill in their identification.

Intervarsity BioBlitz has been a remarkable success this year. The Data Centre is extremely grateful to all the partners who contributed to makinig it a success. Intervarsity BioBlitz was run jointly as part of the An Tasice Green Campus initiative. We hope that more campuses will join the Green Campus network and participate in the competition next year.  Well done to everyone on such a wonderful event.