Invasive alien species and our woodlands

Invasive alien species and our woodlands

This video introduces some of the impacts of invasive species on our woodlands and ways we can help prevent their spread.

To find out more about the species shown in the video (plus a few more), click on the species image below.

Rhododendron. Photo: SE Mountain Rescue Assoc.

Old Man’s beard. Photo: Invasive Species Ireland

American skunk cabbage. Photo: Neil Theasby, Geograph Britain & Ireland

Himalayan honeysuckle Photo: Colette O’Flynn

Himalayan balsalm Photo: Colette O’Flynn

Siberian chipmunk Photo: Shutterstock

Grey squirrel. Photo: Shutterstock

Raccoon Photo: Shutterstock

Muntjac deer Photo: GB NNSS

Sika deer Photo: Jochen Langbein

Emerald ash borer Photo: Pennsylvania Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources

Ash dieback Photo: Teagasc

Oak processionary moth Photo: DAFM

Cherry laurel Photo: GB NNSS

Wild boar hybrid/Feral pig Photo: Kate McMahon