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Wild boar hybrid/feral pig

Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) was first officially recorded and subsequently eradicated in April 2009.  Since then they have been seen and removed from many locations in Ireland. Although wild boar may have once been native,  it became extinct in Ireland … Continued

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Slider species

Invader identified! The identity of a turtle spotted on July 17th (2009) on the banks of the River Dodder in Dublin has been identified as  Yellow-bellied  Slider (Trachemys scripta scripta).  Negative impacts of Sliders on native habitats and ecosystems are … Continued

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Bloody red shrimp

Bloody Red Shrimp ( Hemimysis anomala) recorded in Lough Derg in 2008 and  in Lough Ree in 2009. View Interactive Map View article on first sighting

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