Learn to identify Ireland’s butterflies – an eCourse

The National Biodiversity Data Centre have developed an online eCourse in butterfly identification. This course is suitable for those who are completely new to butterfly identification and those who want to brush up on their skills as another season of recording starts.

Painted Lady (Kevin Murphy)

This is a detailed eCourse for butterfly identification, showing features of upper and lower wing and any physical differences between males and females. This resource can be used to complement our ‘swatches’ which are small handheld identification guides that can be used while you are out in the field. Swatches can be purchased through our online shop

Pearl-boarded Fritillary (Oisín Meagher)

When you have completed the eCourse, please consider taking part in one of our monitoring schemes. By learning to identify butterflies, submitting records to the National Biodiversity Data Centre either through casual recording or our monitoring schemes, you will make a significant contribution to better understand how butterfly populations are changing. There is a variety of monitoring schemes to choose from that best suit your interest and time available to participate.

Please take our eCourse here

Niamh Phelan,
Biodiversity Engagement Officer.