What are the additional survey comprised of?

The National Biodiversity Data Centre has an ever-evolving list of additional survey schemes for recorders to get involved in. These are largely surveys that involve the submission of casual records and do not involve the establishment of a particular walking route or transect. Recorders generally have the freedom to record where they want, whenever they want.


Who coordinates these schemes?

Whilst some of the schemes are coordinated by staff of the National Biodiversity Data Centre, other survey schemes are often coordinated externally by partners and the National Biodiversity Data Centre support these schemes by providing free access to the Centre’s bioinformatic infrastructure and create the necessary online recording forms for data capture.


Here is a list of additional survey schemes to get involved in, but don’t forget to check out our complete list of schemes that you can participate in depending on your interests, ability, and the time and effort which you would like to commit:

Backyard Biodiversity Farmer's Wildlife Calendar: Climate Tracker
Spring Flowering Plants Project Ladybird Atlas 2025
Irish Hedgehog Survey Leaf Miners Survey
Wild Honey Bee Study