House Martin
House Martin, one of Ireland’s regular summer migrants and common garden visitor.

The National Biodiversity Data Centre is running a new initiative ‘Backyard Biodiversity’  to record species found in gardens. The scheme seeks to obtain sightings of 20 recognisable species that can be found in urban and rural gardens, and is focused on those people who are new to biodiversity recording. The main aim is offer those who want to begin recording wildlife with a simple set list of target species, readily identifiable but challenging enough to stimulate one’s attention to detail.

Click here to find out what species we are looking for you to record.

Click here to download a PDF recording sheet.

As the season develops and people become more proficient with recording, new species will be added for people to look out for and to submit any sightings. Over time we hope that the survey will showcase how important gardens are for biodiversity and the wealth of wildlife that can be found at the doorstep if one cares to look.


What to do if you spot one of our list of 20 species?

  1. Get in for a closer look – make sure you can accurately identify the species
  2. Take a picture – this is useful for verification
  3. Ask for help on-line, if you need it
  4. Visit for full species profiles on each of our chosen species
  5. Visit to submit your records


The Species Start Recording

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