The maps below show the distribution of records for the different ladybird species mapped at the 10km square resolution. These maps show only the records that have been submitted to the National Biodiversity Data Centre. Details of sighting for Northern Ireland can be viewed on the Habitas website.

2-spot Ladybird

7-spot Ladybird

10-spot Ladybird

11-spot Ladybird

13-spot Ladybird

14-spot Ladybird

18-spot Ladybird

22-spot Ladybird

24-spot Ladybird

Cream-spot Ladybird

Eyed Ladybird

Harlequin Ladybird

Heather Ladybird

Hieroglyphic Ladybird

Kidney-spot Ladybird

Larch Ladybird

Orange Ladybird

Striped Ladybird