mine on nettle
Mine of Agromyza anthracina on nettle (Photo: Stuart Dunlop)

The National Biodiversity Data Centre, in association with Stuart Dunlop, has launched a recording initiative to increase the knowledge on leaf mining fauna in Ireland. Leaf mines are made by the larvae of some micromoths, flies, sawflies and beetles as they feed and grow inside the leaf. Identification of the miner is based on host plant, shape of the mine and sometimes frass pattern. Sometimes larval details or pupal details are required, and in some cases specimens need to be bred through. Recorders are invited to submit details of any leaf miners seen to the National Biodiversity Data Centre through the on-line record submission form. Please attach a photograph (smaller than 0.5Mb) in transmitted light (through the leaf) rather than top light to assist validation. All records received will be reviewed by Stuart Dunlop, and once validated will be included in a special Leaf Miner of Ireland database. Records from the leaf miners database will be made available to other related recording schemes.

If you are confident of your identification, please submit the record to the Data Centre here: SUBMIT RECORD


A special Introduction to Leaf Miners guide has been developed by Stuart Dunlop to assist identification.  The species taxonomy of leaf miners is constantly changing. To assist submission of records a provisional checklist has also been provided by Stuart, including information on status in Ireland and host plants. Both files can be downloaded by clicking on the images below.

Cover Leafminers
Download .pdf (1.83Mb)

Leaf Miners Checklist cover
Download spreadsheet