If you have been engaging with our Spring Flowering Plants Project, we are delighted to be able to offer you real-time insight into how everybody has been doing collectively across the country.

This webpage allows you to track the number of records per species and per county (& location), as well as tracking our collective recording effort. The latter is quite useful as it highlights various 10km squares across Ireland where no records have been submitted since the start of 2017, when the Spring Flowering Plants Project was first launched. Thus, with this information, hopefully we can start to plug in some of the gaps in the country where we have not engaged with recording Spring Flowers within the Project since it began.

We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Project so far. It’s great to see everyone getting involved, but if you wish, don’t restrict yourself to only recording the 20 species highlighted in the project. We have chosen these 20 species as they are relatively easy to identify and a nice group to start recording if you are only whetting your appetite for recording plants in Ireland. Best of luck!

Useful Links

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  • Records by County






  • Recording Effort

    Throughout 2019, we are encouraging everyone to visit some of the 10km squares that are blue or green to help fill in some Spring Flowering Plants recording gaps since 2017 when the project was first launched.
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  • Record Locations

    This map highlights Spring Flowering Plants sightings submitted to Ireland’s Citizen Science Portal since the beginning of March 2019.
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