Background to the biodiversity inventory

In 2010, as part of the initiative to review the State of Knowledge on Ireland’s Biological Diversity the National Biodiversity Data Centre produced an inventory of sources of biodiversity data.  The inventory was developed by inviting recognised national experts to identify the state of knowledge around seven questions for their area of expertise, namely:

  • Is there a published checklist?
  • Have basic surveys been carried out?
  • Is there a national database?
  • Has a national conservation assessment been completed?
  • Are there monitoring systems in place?
  • Are there capacity building requirements?
  • Are there other knowledge gaps?

This information was compiled in a hard copy publication FitzPatrick, Ú., Regan, E. and Lysaght, L. (editors), 2010. Ireland’s Biodiversity in 2010: State of Knowledge [download 6 MB].

The inventory has been incorporated into a website where this information is accessible, and has been maintained by the National Biodiversity Data Centre. Details of the current state of knowledge and sources of data on Ireland’s biodiversity can be queried under three heading;