Irish vegetation classification system:

No complete Irish vegetation classification system.

  • Account of Irish vegetation types: White, J. & Doyle, G., 1982. The vegetation of Ireland: a catalogue raisonnee. Studies on Irish Vegetation (ed. J. White), pp. 289–368. Royal Dublin Society, Dublin, Eire.

Number of vegetation classes:


Primary sources of vegetation data:

  • A National Vegetation Database is managed by the National Biodiversity Data Centre. This database contains collated information on 30,000+ relevés from the Republic of Ireland. Information on the national vegetation database including all data sources is available on the website.

National conservation assessment:


Monitoring or repeat surveys in place:

Annex I habitats are monitored by the National Parks and Wildlife Service. For some of these habitats this includes sample monitoring of vegetation. Table of primary data sources for non-marine habitats (note this is not an exhaustive list)