Irish checklist:

Went & Kennedy (1976) and Maitland and Campbell (1992).

Number of species of freshwater fish:


Primary sources of distribution data:

  • Water Framework Directive Database
  • National Database of freshwater fish in Irish rivers (Inland Fisheries Ireland)
  • Database of freshwater fish in Irish lakes* (Inland Fisheries Ireland)
  • Eel Database (Inland Fisheries Ireland)
  • Sea Trout Database (Inland Fisheries Ireland)
  • National Salmon Tagging Database (Inland Fisheries Ireland)
  • Ireland’s Specimen Fish Database (Inland Fisheries Ireland)
  • Database held by the Irish Char Conservation Group*
  • Databases held by Irish angling groups

*Databases held by the National Biodiversity Data Centre and made accessible through Biodiversity Maps.

National conservation assessment:

  • King, J.L., Marnell, F., Kingston, N., Rosell, R., Boylan, P., Caffrey, J.M., FitzPatrick, Ú., Gargan, P.G., Kelly, F.L., O’Grady, M.F., Poole, R., Roche, W.K., Cassidy, D., 2011 Ireland Red List No. 5: Fish, amphibians and reptiles. National Parks and Wildlife Service, Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Dublin, Ireland.

Monitoring or repeat surveys in place:

  • Water Framework Directive Fish Monitoring Programme (IFI)
  • National Lamprey Monitoring Programme 2003 – 2010 (IFI)
  • National Monitoring Programme for Arctic Char (IFI)
  • National Eel Monitoring Programme (IFI have responsibility for the programme but the Marine Institute and other organisations are inputting data)