Irish checklists:

All Irish insects either have, or are currently being checklisted. Table of checklists for Irish Insects

Note: InvertebrateIreland aims to put online all checklists of Irish invertebrates compiled by acknowledged experts.

Number of insect species:

11,422+ (Regan et al., 2010)

Primary sources of distribution data:

Beetles: Chrysomelidae and Bruchidae (accessible through NBN Gateway )
Beetles: Click Beetles (records held by Howard Mendel)
Beetles: Ground Beetles of Ireland (CEDaR)
Beetles: Ladybirds of Ireland (CEDaR)
Beetles: Steninae (records held by Jonty Denton)
Beetles: Water Beetles of Ireland*
Beetles: Weevils (records held by Mike Morris)
Butterflies: Irish Butterfly Monitoring Scheme*
Butterflies: Butterflies of County Waterford*
Butterflies: Irish Wood White Database*
Butterflies: Butterfly Ireland survey, Dublin Naturalists’ Field Club
Butterflies: Distribution Atlas of Butterflies in Ireland 1979 (An Foras Forbartha)*
Butterflies: Butterflies of Ireland (National Biodiversity Data Centre)*
Dragonflies; Dragonfly Ireland*
Ephemeroptera of Ireland*
Fleas (Siphonaptera) of Ireland*
Flies: Anisopodidae and Thaumaleidae (Diptera: Nematocera) of Ireland*
Flies: Chironomids (records held by Declan Murray)
Flies: Craneflies of Ireland*
Flies: Dixidae (Diptera) of Ireland*
Flies: Hoverflies – Syrphids of Ireland* (Dr. Martin Speight and Dr. Tom Gittings)
Flies: Mosquitoes of Ireland*
Flies: Non-biting midges (records held by Peter Langton)
Flies: Biting midges (Blue Tongue Vector Surveillance Programme)
Flies: Simulidae (Tierney et al., 2005)
Hemiptera: Heteroptera of Ireland* (Dr. Brian Nelson)
Hymenoptera: Bees of Ireland*
Hymenoptera: Braconidae (O’Connor et al., 1999)
Hymenoptera: BWARS database
Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea (O’Connor et al., 2000)
Hymenoptera: Diapriinae (O’Connor and Ashe, 1992)
Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae (O’Connor et al., 2007)
Hymenoptera: Platygastroidea and Proctotrupoidea (O’Connor et al., 2004)
Hymenoptera: Sawflies (O’Connor et al., 1997)
Lice (Phthiraptera) of Ireland*
Microlepidoptera (National Museum of Ireland)*
Neuroptera of Ireland*
Phasmids of Ireland*
Thrips (O’Connor, 2008)
Trichoptera: Trichoptera (caddisflies) of Ireland* (John Brophy)
Trichoptera: Caddisfly Records, Edenvale, Co. Wexford 2010* (Martin Gammell)

*Databases held by the National Biodiversity Data Centre and made accessible through Biodiversity Maps


National conservation assessment:

  • FitzPatrick, Ú., Murray, T.E., Byrne, A., Paxton, R.J. and Brown, M.J.F., 2006. Regional Red List of Irish Bees. National Parks and Wildlife Service (Ireland) & Environment & Heritage Service (Northern Ireland).
  • Foster, G. N., Nelson, B. H. and O Connor, Á., 2009. Ireland Red List No.1 – Water beetles. National Parks and Wildlife Service, Department of Environment, Heritage & Local Government, Dublin, Ireland.
  • Regan, E.C., Nelson, B., Aldwell, B., Bertrand, C., Bond, K., Harding, J., Nash, D., Nixon, D., Wilson, C.J., 2010. Ireland Red List No. 4 – Butterflies. National Parks and Wildlife Service, Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Dublin, Ireland.
  • No National conservation assessment of other species


Monitoring or repeat surveys in place:




  • Rothamsted Light Trap Network (Moths): currently 4 sites (Dublin Zoo, Wexford Wildfowl Reserve, Fota Wildlife Park and Connemara National Park)


  • Monitoring of pests in forests (Forest Service)