Irish checklist:

Seaward, M.R.D., 2010. Census Catalogue of Irish Lichens (3rd Edition). National Museums Northern Ireland, Belfast.

Number of lichen species:


Primary sources of distribution data:

Lichens of Rocky Seashores* –
A national database LichenIreland (2005-2010) has been compiled by the Centre for Environmental Data and Recording (CEDaR) as part of a project funded by the National Parks and Wildlife Service and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency.

National conservation assessment:

Article 17 reporting – Cladonia subgenus Clanina listed in EU Habitats Directive: National Parks and Wildlife Service, 2008.  The status of EU Protected Habitats and Species in Ireland.  NPWS, Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government. Dublin.

No national conservation assessment of other species.

Monitoring or repeat surveys in place:


*Note – Lichens have been considered separately to other fungi.