Irish checklist:

Checklist developed by the National Botanic Gardens and published on its website.

Number of vascular plant species:


  • Natives: 980
  • Natives (apomictic species): 273
  • Alien (archeophyte): 111
  • Alien (neophyte): 964

Primary sources of distribution data:

Data is currently being centrally collated by the National Biodiversity Data Centre. *Databases currently accessible through Biodiversity Maps.

National conservation assessment:

Monitoring or repeat surveys in place:

  • Rare plant surveys (National Parks and Wildlife Service, 1990s, 2000s)
  • BSBI Local Change Project: 1987-1988

264 systematically selected tetrads were surveyed in Ireland in 1987-88. This survey has not been repeated since. Rich, T.C.G., Beesley, S. & Goodwillie, R. 2001. Changes in the vascular plant flora of Ireland between pre-1960 and 1987-1988: the BSBI Monitoring Scheme. Irish Naturalists’ Journal 26: 333-350

  • Intertidal seagrasses are monitored by the EPA through the marine Water Framework Directive (WFD) monitoring programme.