As a water user, you may unknowingly be helping to spread invasive species from one water body to another in equipment, shoes and clothing.

Help stop this happening by following three simple steps when you leave the water:

CHECK boats, equipment, clothing and footwear for living plants and animals. Pay particular attention to areas that are damp or hard to inspect.
CLEAN and wash all equipment,footwear and clothes thoroughly. If you do come across any plants and animals, leave them at the water body where you found them.
DRY all equipment and clothing for at least 48 hours – some species can live for many days or weeks in moist conditions. Make sure you don’t transfer water elsewhere.
DISINFECT everything that comes into contact with water if complete drying is not possible. Use disinfectant such as Milton (follow product label), Virkon Aquatic (3mg/L), Proxitane (30mg/L) or an iodine based product for 30 minutes. Items difficult to soak can be sprayed or wiped down with disinfectant.

Download the following materials and share with your friends, club, colleagues or post in the office or online.

Check Clean Dry Stop the Spread leaflet Crayfish Plague poster Disinfection of angling equipment – IFI Disinfection of boats & equipment – IFI

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View species profiles

View species profiles of some of the most invasive species that were and could be introduced into Ireland as hitchhikers. Report sightings of invasive species:
Click on image to access species profile information.

Zebra mussel Bloody-red shrimp Killer shrimp (not in Ireland) New Zealand flatworm