Invasive Species Alerts

This section of the website contains information on Invasive Species Alerts issued for Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Issuing an Invasive Species Alert is a key part of Ireland’s early warning system and rapid response to a new invasive species incursion. The purpose of issuing an invasive species alert is:

  • To notify the public and stakeholders of the incursion of a new invasive species.
  • An alert is a part of the triggering mechanism for rapid response to a new invasive species sighting.
  • To inform the public on what action may be required.
  • Encourage the reporting of additional sightings of the species.

Species alerts are also intended to encourage the sharing of information and highlight the need for implementation of biosecurity measures by all relevant stakeholder groups.

When will we issue an Invasive Species Alert?

A species alert will be issued in the following situation:

  • Upon receipt of the first verified record of a potential invasive species in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland.

Alerts will be updated to notify of additional verified sightings or further spread of the species.

What about species not recorded in Ireland or Northern Ireland?

Invasive Species Ireland and the National Invasive Species Database undertake horizon scanning for potentially invasive species not recorded in Ireland. This ‘Watch List’ will be based on the highest scoring species in the ISI potential invasive species risk assessment. The list will be made publically available upon completion of the risk assessment. The process will remain open to assess new or emerging threats.

When will we issue an Invasive Species Watch Alert?

We will only issue an ’Invasive Species Watch Alert’ for a species not recorded from Ireland or Northern Ireland in the following circumstances:

  • When there is an increase or change to the risk level for Ireland.

What is an Invasive Species Sighting Notice?

When a verified sighting of a species that has been assessed at minor to moderate level of risk of being invasive is reported in Ireland. Response to remove the species from the wild is desirable but may not be as urgent as the need to rapidly respond to a sighting of a species assessed with a major to massive risk. The Sighting Notice posters are colour coded in yellow.

Accessing the Alerts

To access the alerts, click on the Species Alerts tab.  The alerts are listed in chronological order with links to the full alert information by clicking on the image.

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