About the Garden Butterfly Monitoring scheme

Garden Butterfly Monitoring is a new scheme that the National Biodiversity Data Centre has initiated to collect valuable information on what butterflies regularly use gardens and how numbers vary across the country, and from year to year. Recorders are asked to register their garden on surveys.biodiversityireland.ie providing some information about the garden, then when weather conditions permit, carry out a 15 minute survey to count the maximum number of butterflies seen.  The results of any counts  that are completed are presented in the graphs below.

Garden Butterfly Monitoring is run on a pilot basis in 2020 to test the methodology and gain feedback from recorders. If you would like to participate in the pilot, instructions on the survey can be downloaded here [Download Survey Instructions].  To participate you must register your garden on the National Sampling Framework system. Details of how to register can be downloaded here [Download Registration Tutorial].

Should you wish to provide feedback please send observations to butterflies@biodiversityireland.ie.

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  • Number of butterflies







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