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Welcome to the Dragonfly Ireland Dragonfly Dash! for Biodiversity Week 2020.

From 16th to the 24th May we are asking those who are out and about exercising within the travel limits allowed under government guidelines to record and photgraph as many dragonflies and damselflies as possible and upload them for the Dragonfly Ireland citizen science survey, funded by the EPA.

We will be sending out regular reminders via the National Biodiversity Data Centre Twitter account and Facebook account. You can check into this site daily to see how things are progressing in terms of total records recorded, total species recorded and which coastal county is leading the way in terms of marine biodiversity recording.

And there’s a prize!! – one lucky recorder who submits records for our Dragonfly Dash! will win a copy of Dragonflies and Damselflies of Ireland by Robert Thompson and Brian Nelson.

You can upload your records for our Dragonfly Dash! here


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