Dragonfly Ireland 2019 – 2024 is an all-Ireland survey run jointly by the National Biodiversity Data Centre and by the Centre for Environmental Data and Recording in Northern Ireland.


Who Funds the Survey?

Dragonfly Ireland is part of a 3-year citizen science project funded by the Environmental Protection Agency.


What are the Survey’s Goals?

  1. Achieve an increase in validated Dragonfly and Damselfly species records contributing towards a 2024 Dragonfly Ireland Atlas.
  2. Obtain a visual assessment of habitat quality at surveyed sites.
  3. Assess of the value of Dragonflies and Damselflies as bio-indicators of freshwater habitat quality and climate change.
  4. Prepare an updated Red List of dragonflies and damselflies of Ireland.
  5. Train and support a network of experienced dragonfly recorders in Ireland.
  6. Highlight the importance of monitoring water quality, habitat quality and climate change in freshwater ecosystems in Ireland and promote practical measures we as individuals can take to reduce these impacts.


What Happens to the Data?

All data collected will be freely available and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.